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Welcome To Nite-Glo Innovations

Nite-Glo Innovations is a vibrant Australian company building its reputation on the development and supply of new innovative Glow In The Dark (photoluminescent) pigments and products.

The Company’s philosophy is to develop and offer only high performance pigments and products, and to ensure consistency of quality. Maintaining these attributes provides confidence in an industry that has seen the image of photoluminescent products tarnished by those out to make a quick dollar.

Nite-Glo Innovations is also committed to research and development aimed at improving the use of these pigments into paints, plastics and other products.

Nite-Glo Innovations Manufactures and Supplies;  

  • Luxilum™ glow in the dark (photoluminescent) pigments. These pigments are tailored to achieve optimum performance in specific applications and products. All are based on high performance strontium aluminate chemistry, giving the brightest glow performance and long glow duration.
  • Glowstone®, a luminous synthetic aggregate that is used in flooring, terrazzo, driveways, paths and pavers. Also available is (a) Fish Tank friendly grade, and (b) Pebble grade.
  • Products that incorporate glow in the dark pigments. For example, polymer masterbatches, glow tapes and glow boards.
  • GlowRing safety markers that glow perpetually without the need for charging.
  • Everbrite toilet seats.

These materials and products can be used for;

  • Glow paints and coatings. 
    (Water based, solvent based and powder coating systems) 
  • Emergency way-finding guidance systems. 
  • Emergency signage.
  • Flooring and paving concepts. 
  • Luminous plastic strips and products.
  • Novelty items. 
  • Other products limited only by your imagination.